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JFJ Locksmith provides a comprehensive security service for all your UPVc windows and doors.

We can fit and service all kinds and makes of Multi-point Locking Mechanisms (MPLs).

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There is a certain amount of movement in the UPVC door section due to the two extremes of temperature in the British climate. This can lead to difficulty in operating the multi-point locking system (MPL).

These changes in temperature can result in mis-alignment of the lock in relation to its keeps thus resulting in a battle of wills between the householder and the door, often resulting in a failed locking mechanism.

A classic symptom of a failed locking mechanism is when you find the handle spinning freely 360 degrees without operating the lock.

The above is just one of a few reasons these doors have problems in operating, others briefly would be;

  • Poor initial installation
  • Unsuitable locks and furniture
  • Forced or attempted forced entry

It also is worth noting the brown wood grain UPVC doors are more susceptible to the perils of the failed mechanism. This is due to prolonged exposure to the sun and the fact the brown or wood grain door absorbs the heat more than a white one.

Bi-fold door multi-point locking mechanism MPL        Tilt and slide door multi-point locking mechanism MPL        Tilt and turn window multi-point locking mechanism MPL