Tilt & Turn Windows

Tilt and Turn window locking mechanismTilt and turn windows are not the most popular system on the market due mainly to the dual function of the handset.
The movement of the handset operates the gearing around the perimeter of the opening sash.
Depending on which hand  the lock is mounted on the sash (left or right) the functions may operate from 12 o-clock position, locked to 9 o’clock position to tilt and 6 o’clock position to open as a door would.
The sash opens inward into the room rather than the more popular common outward of conventional sashes.
This dual function can cause owners problems over time as the mechanism can become jammed halfway between functions which usually renders the window unusable.

As with most other UPVc  locking devices tilt & turn suffer from the same issues when misalignment of the sash occurs.
This in turn may trap the locking points and strain the gearing which often results in a failed or jammed mechanism.
The above is only a brief description to outline a problem your window may be having.
There are a number of other scenarios which could affect the performance of the tilt & turn instillation that you have in your property so rather than run the risk of sending you to sleep I will draw a line under this topic now and ask that whatever your problem to please contact me for more information.

JFJ Locksmith service can provide repair or service an existing system.
Replacement parts or complete renewal of a Tilt and Turn system can also be carried out if required at a fraction of the cost of a new frame being installed.

Should you wish to discuss or book a service / repair please contact me on 07977 516258