Tilt and Slide Doors

Tilt and slide UPVC door locking mechanismTilt and slide patio doors are still quite common and offer a useful additional function compared to the standard slider only system.

With the option to tilt the entire door on its runners the door can be left in the vent position safely providing ventilation to a building while the door is still closed on the bottom.

This makes them handy for preventing children or pets making their way through while air is allowed to circulate.

The mechanism is not dissimilar to the tilt and turn operation as the handset operates each function through three different positions.
Locking position may vary from 12 o’clock to 6 o’clock position depending on age and manufacturer.
Rather than open sideways the remaining function will slide the door.

These doors however do require servicing as the weight of the double glazed unit in the door adds considerable strain to the runners (bogeys) fitted to the bottom of the sliding door in turn causing misalignment at the locking points resulting in eventual lock failure.

More often than not these systems can be repaired or renewed and if often the most economic route to follow compared with replacing the entire frame and system.

JFJ LOCKSMITH SERVICE can repair or service an existing door or if required replace an entire system.

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