Bi-Fold Doors

bi-fold door lock or window locking mechanisimBi- fold doors have become fairly common on both residential and commercial properties over the last ten years or so.

On commercial building such as restaurants and bars they offer a convenient way of creating  accessible space for diners to enjoy the wonderful UK climate.

While on residential property the DIY TV shows have encouraged many to jump on the lets bring the garden into the house bandwagon, No thanks!

What  BI-FOLD doors provide is a large accessible opening in a wall which otherwise may have been obstructed by posts or pillars using another system.
They will generally consist of a number of doors hinged together that fold back to either one side or both sides of the opening depending on the chosen layout.
Some systems run on a track at the bottom and a guide at the top while others are the reverse.

Both UPVc and aluminium frames and doors are available although aluminium does appear to be the most popular probably due to the choice of colours available.

To make the most of this new and wonderful vista provided by the BI-fold doors full height double glazed units are usually installed radiating light and warmth into the room.

This is where problems can originate.
The sheer weight of all the glass can and will eventually cause misalignment and the inevitable failed or jammed locks.
But its not all doom and gloom because the locks, bolts, drive gears etc are all repairable!

If you own a problematic Bi-fold system and wish to have it repaired please contact me on 07977 516258 to discuss your options or book a service.