Anti-Snap Cylinder Locks

After recent hype by certain areas of the media I have decided to put a page up explaining briefly the ins and out of the Anti-bump or Anti-snap cylinders.

Anti-Snap Cylinder detail
Anti-Snap Cylinder Lock

Persons wishing to enter a property illegally or by force have been using a method of entry known as snapping. This basically involves destroying the existing cylinder by force to gain entry to the property.

To help combat this a lot of cylinder manufacturers have developed additional measures within the cylinder itself to stop and/or stall the intruder from entering this way.

Most manufacturers have also used Anti drill pins and various Anti bump devices within the cylinders. Combined with a security handle or escutcheon this upgrade of security will improve the overall security on the door.

I would advise anyone considering upgrading to these cylinders based on what they have heard/read in the media to first of all check with the local crime prevention officer to see if there are any cases of snapping in your area first, as not all areas are seeing this type of attack.

If you wish to know the cost of the installation of the relevant upgrade at your property please contact John on 07977 516258. I will be glad to help.